San Diego 6 the CW is a local news/television station that is affiliated with the National Network – the CW. San Diego 6 is one of only four CW affiliate stations that maintains a news department. Our station website has to both balance the news aspect as well as programming, promotions and contests.

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CVS – Graduation Works!

Graduation Works! was one of several campaigns under the Chula Vista Serves (CVS) brand. CVS was created as part of a national grant from Cities of Service, to encourage several cities in the United States to increase volunteerism in their communities. Graduation Works! was an initiative by the City of Chula Vista under their Service Plan, and the purpose of the site was to provide information to encourage participation.

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This is How {You: Can CSS;}

Sometimes what could seem like the easiest of things to learn, can actually be one of the hardest. As a student tutor I often saw how many of my fellow web students had trouble with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). CSS is the “programming language” that drives how the site actually looks (color, typography, size, layout, etc).

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WordPress for Non-Profit (Outreach)

I originally approached Outreach (formerly “Outreach for Humanity”) to create a fresh look that went with their re-branding, and in an effort to simplify the design. In addition, WordPress was picked as a CMS so that they would easily be able to update content without the need of a web developer. This will be a custom WordPress theme that will also include a custom back-end for the Outreach staff. Currently in development.

Co-Designer/Developer: Katherine Fiske.

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Social Media Contesting & Marketing

Social Media is becoming a key tool of marketing in today’s world. A lot of companies attempt to increase their followers or Facebook “likes” by holding contests. There are specific Facebook guidelines that prevent the action of “liking” to be an entry to a contest, so you have to find creative ways to hold these contests.

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CW Show Promotions – Social Media & Web

The San Diego 6 Promotions department is in charge of finding ways to share and promote new shows coming out. With Social Media being what it is today it is a great way to promote these shows with no cost to us. Between Facebook, Twitter and our website traffic – we end up promoting the show to tens of thousands of users a day!

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Photography Portfolio
(Custom WordPress Theme)

A completely custom WordPress theme – this site uses elements of custom functions, an enhanced JQuery image gallery, and simplistic design that focuses on the photographs. In addition to the site, I was responsible for the logo design as well.

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Superman Fansite

This Superman Fansite was pretty much my very first website. I designed and created the HTML and CSS. In addition, I created a dynamic gallery, blog, membership system and content management system using PHP and flat text files (I did not yet know database). Both the gallery and blog used single php scripts to look through folders and flat text files in order to dynamically display multiple pictures/blog posts.

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